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Welcome to the Flying Circus blog - announcing our spin-off

Erstellt von Christian Theune | | Blog

Today, we start this blog with great news: we are taking the Flying Circus to the next level by incorporating it into a new company.

The Flying Circus has been forged within gocept where we were able to build upon our achievements from the last 14 years. In 2009 we started trying to solve the question of "where should we host our software projects" and "which hosting service should we recommend to our customers". As we could not find an answer that satisfied us or our customers we set out to create our  own answer. It turned out that our timing was good: operations become a hot topic in the last years and the advent of "DevOps" has been a natural fit for us.

Being software developers that choose to spend their time handling operations we were already picking up many new ideas and giving them our own flavor: automation, system configuration, deployment, monitoring, and so on. As the Flying Circus grew we became a separate division within gocept. As we now noticed this additional structure has become a burden for gocept as the Flying Circus has a completely separate set of customers and organizational requirements than the traditional software development projects that is gocept's core business. 

Two of gocept's founders are taking the Flying Circus to the next level: Christian Theune (@theuni) and Christian Zagrodnick (@zagy) will be the founders and management partners of the Flying Circus and are currently preparing the incorporation. For our customers we are taking things slowly and easy: when incorporating the Flying Circus we take over all existing contracts and you will see continuous involvement of the staff members you already know. Stay tuned for further updates as we enter the next phase of our journey.