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Do you develop demanding web applications in an agile way and want to run them reliably? — Join the Flying Circus!

You …

… have a custom web application, based on open source components,
… demand high availability and reliability, and
… want to leave hosting operations to someone else.

We …

… provide a scalable platform for web applications of any complexity,
… bring processes and tools for modern deployment and gapless monitoring, and
… have more than 15 years of experience operating a wide variety of applications.

Where we come from: made by developers for developers

The Flying Circus implements the ideas of DevOps. Your developers and our administrators work hand in hand, so that your applications can reach their full potential.

We are a well-established team that has gathered experience in agile web development. The Flying Circus was designed by developers for developers. More than fifteen years of experience in agile development and the operations of complex and challenging web applications have formed our service.

Where we are: flexibility and freedom

Thanks to well-known open source compoments your developers will feel right at home in the Flying Circus. Everything is clear and well-arranged.
There are no vendor lockins.

You work with uniformly managed Linux VMs, which leaves a lot of space for your own ideas.

Your have total freedom and control to bring your own components. At the same time you benefit from strong guidance and security.

Where we would like to take you: perfect operations

The technicians in the Flying Circus work to maintain and evolve our stable and flexible platform. We also support you running your application or even take over all operations tasks for you.

All components are available in a production-ready, battle-tested configuration and are supported for a long time. New components are developed and integrated depending on our customers' requirements.

Responsibilities are well defined — but we always ensure a constructive and pragmatic working relationship.

„We built the Flying Circus based on the requirements we had when we were developers: the best possible environment for custom web applications..“

Christian Theune, Founder and CTO

Your Advantages

More Agility

The Flying Circus makes you more agile: starting with your first prototype and growing to your production environment. Agile teams can reduce their deployment effort dramatically and respond quicker to their customers' requirements.

Lower costs

The Flying Circus can reduce your operations costs substantially. The platform is tailored for developer teams with short release cycles.

More secure

The Flying Circus is a managed development and operations platform with the highest possible security and reliability.

More flexibility

The Flying Circus offers perfectly integrated, pre-configured components that can be individualized at any time.

You fly with open source — and without vendor lockins.

Lowering your operating costs

The Flying Circus reduces effort and cost operating your applications.


Hardware requirements

  • managed virtual machines
  • monthly invoice based on daily consumption
  • includes daily backups
  • CPU: 10 € / 1
  • RAM: 2 € / 1 GiB
  • Disk (HDD): 2 € / 10 GiB
  • Disk (SSD): 6 € / 10 GiB
  • 1.000 GiB traffic: 50 €
  • Basic VM – 1 CPU, 30 GiB disk, 1 GiB RAM = 18€


Provides access to our platform: a managed Linux distribution, managed components, monitoring and more, including 100GiB traffic per month.
As a customer the platform subscription can be used for multiple projects or as an agency you can use it for as many customers as you like.

Platform subscription: 100 €per month for each invoice recipient



Application Operations

Use our automated platform and run your applications yourself. Ideal for small projects that do not require extended support.

Platform support: 8 hours best effort during regular business hours.

You only pay for the platform subscription and the infrastructure used.



Application Operations

You operate your application and get all the support you need. We respond to application incidents and respond to any question you might have — no hourly charges!

Guaranteed response times for critical incidents:

4 hours, Mo‐Fr, 8‐16 hr
= 20 € / component*

1 hour, Mo‐Su, 7–21 hr
= 75 € / component*

1 hour, 24x7 = 100 € / component*

* Charged per component and CPU. Components with multiple instances or CPUs are invoiced at a reduced rate of 0,33.



Application Operations

Our premium package for support and cooperative development.

We automate your deployment and keep it up to date — no hourly charges!

proactive feedback about performance and anomalies of your application

Guaranteed response times for critical incidents:

4 hours, Mo–Fr, 8–16 hr
= 100 € / component*

1 hour, Mo–So, 7–21 hr
= 250 € / component*

1 hour, 24x7
= 350 € / component*

15 minutes, Mo–Fr, 8–16 hr;
else 1 hour, 24x7
= 425 € / component*

15 minutes, Mo–Su, 7–21 hr;
else 1 hour, 24x7
= 500 € / component*

Crew member wanted — Our job offers

Do you want to dispose of the truism "never touch a running system"?

At the Flying Circus you can help to evolve a product and a company, learn a lot of things quickly and develop new things. You work in a diverse environment together with a committed, cooperative team. We use Linux, Python and lots and lots of Open Source software. We support your personal development through coaching as well as sending you to trainings and conferences.

You have a degree in computer science or a similar subject. You are thorough but pragmatic. You "sharpen the saw", communicate well (fluently in German and English), and organize yourself.

Contact us by email at with a short, informal introduction and we'll be happy to talk about all details in person.

Application Operations Engineer

You are responsible to operate custom applications together with our customers. You won't spend your time with boring system administration but will analyse problems and work on generalized solutions. In the end you ensure our customers' success through excellent service.

Systems Engineer

You are responsible to professionally operate and develop our infrastructure and platform. You get input from and give advice to your colleagues operating our customer's applications. In the end you push our product forward by analysing and solving fundamental problems.

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