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You have a custom web application based on open source components. You would like to outsource operations to someone who can meet your high standards of availability and reliability.

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Simple, agile and secure: 3 good reasons why we should work together!

Because we are perfectly prepared and positioned

Rely on a well-oiled team with over 20 years of experience in the agile development and stable operations of web applications. We can ensure short release cycles, low deployment effort and seamless monitoring.

Because perfect operations are a matter of attitude

No matter how suitable a technical solution may seem – ultimately, the success of any project comes down to the people involved. That’s why we always communicate openly and strive to build an effective and pragmatic collaboration.

Because our DevOps approach makes it easier for everyone

We primarily understand DevOps as a cooperation of development and operations – in other words, your developers and our administrators working hand in hand. This leads to maximum flexibility and therefore short response times, and your products benefit from our combined expertise.

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Benefit from our customized service!

Scalable infrastructure

Choose exactly the components you need. We can adapt the scope of the virtual machines we provide and the associated resources to your project's needs at any time.

Managed platform

Our open source components are configured in a way that facilitates your operations and development. We manage and administer the Linux platform, which can be fully customized to your requirements. You can use your subscription for multiple projects and as many customers as you like.

Ideal support level

Whether you prefer to host your applications yourself or leave everything to us – our support can be adapted to your needs. Feel free to extend the scope as you wish. But no matter which package you choose, you can always expect a cooperative partnership and a forward-looking approach.

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Sample package prices:

A micro site using a webserver, your application and a database – from 280 € per month

Guided: you deploy the application yourself – we give extensive advise and respond to incidents

This example includes a production and test environment with each 1 CPU, 4 GiB RAM and 30 GiB SSD, as well as 100 GiB traffic. We answer any questions you have about operating your application on our platform and respond to critical incidents related to your application during our business hours.

A business application using a webserver, your application, a database and multiple additional components – from 1.000€ per month

Managed 1: we take on full responsibility for the deployment operations of your application. We are constantly available to be in touch with your developers.

This example includes a production environment with 8 CPUs, 50 GiB RAM, 100 GiB SSD and 180 GiB HDD, as well as 100 GiB of traffic. In addition a test environment with 4 CPUs, 10 GIB RAM and 190 GiB HDD is also included. You give us access to your application code and we start working on an automated deployment and get your application ready for production. After going live we operate the application continuously. We consult with your developers and are constantly available. Any issues within your application will be responded within our regular business hours and we guarantee a user availability of the application of at least 99.5%.

A critical application – from 2.300 € per month

Managed 3: we are available 24/7 for your application and guarantee an availability of 99.5%

This example uses the same resources as the previous example but our team is available around the clock and knows about the state of your application. Our job is done when customers can successfully use your application at any time.

Does any of those packages fit your budget?

The actual monthly amount will be based on your specific requirements and can be given after a personal discussion. The example packages are intended to give you a first impression.

„We built the Flying Circus based on the requirements we had ourselves: the best possible environment for custom web applications.“

Christian Theune, Founder and CTO

Lowering your operating costs

The Flying Circus reduces effort and cost operating your applications..


  • managed virtual machines
  • monthly invoice based on daily consumption
  • includes daily backups
  • CPU: 10 € / 1 virtual core
  • RAM: 2 € / 1 GiB
  • Disk (regular): 2 € / 10 GiB
    up to 250 IOPS
  • Disk (fast): 6 € / 10 GiB
    up to 10.000 IOPS
  • Object storage: 1,5 € / 10 GiB
    S3 compatible
  • Hourly backups: 2 € / 10 GiB
    in addition to daily backups
  • Traffic: 50 € / 1.000 GiB
    from/to the internet, internal traffic is free of charge
  • Basic VM – 1 CPU, 30 GiB disk, 1 GiB RAM = 18€


Provides access to our platform: a managed Linux distribution, managed components, monitoring and more, including 100GiB traffic per month. As a customer the platform subscription can be used for multiple projects or as an agency you can use it for as many customers as you like..

Platform subscription: 100 € per month for each invoice recipient


Application Operations

You operate your application and get all the support you need. We respond to application incidents and respond to any question you might have — no hourly charges!

Guaranteed response times for critical incidents:

Response time per component
4 hours, Mo‐Fr, 8‐16 hr 20 €
1 hour, Mo‐Su, 7–21 hr 75 €
1 hour, 24x7 100 €


Application Operations

Our premium package for support and cooperative development.

We take on full responsibility for continously operating your application — all inclusive — no hourly charges! Proactive feedback about performance and anomalies of your application. 99.5% guaranteed end customer availability of your application

Guaranteed response times for critical incidents:

Response time per component
4 hours, Mo‐Fr, 8‐16 hr 100 €
1 hour, Mo‐Su, 7–21 hr 250 €
1 hour, 24x7 350 €
15 minutes, Mo–Fr, 8–16 hr
else 1 hr, 24x7
425 €
15 minutes, Mo–Su, 7–21 hr
else 1 hr, 24x7
500 €

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