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Upcoming OS update: VMs are frozen for now and will be updated step by step

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We are happy to announce that we are going roll out the long desired general OS update in the next weeks to all customer VMs: slowly and individually.

At the moment customer VMs will not receive any platform updates until they are switched over to the update. We will make exceptions for absolutely critical issues like Heartbleed. This is reflected by your VM now showing the environment as "frozen" instead of the usual "production" or "r2014_NNN".

The actual update will happen in the following way:

  • Merge the update to our regular "production" branch
  • Our release changelog now references the new production branch.
  • Switch our core infrastructure and test machines in the data center to the new "production"
  • Switch non-production customer VMs and perform quality assurance together with our customers.
  • Prepare and switch production VMs.

ll of our customers will be informed separately when scheduling the switch for their projects.

If you have any questions about the upcoming update, you can check our open source platform code or just write us an email.