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Just entered the Flying Circus: Frank

Erstellt von Frank Lanitz | | Blog

Although it's always hard for me to do so I'd like to introduce myself: I'm the new guy at Flying Circus trying to jump into Stefan's place in our little team supporting customers on application layer.

I'm joining the Flying Circus with many years of experience in system administration of Linux-systems, SQL-databases and customer support at an as-a-Service-company. I met a huge amount of amazing people, customers and projects. Asked what was the most exciting one, I think it was the setup of the IT infrastructure for Central Analytics Laboratory of ICOS at Max-Planck-Institut for Biogeochemistry in Jena. All computers, doing scientific things.

Beside of this I'm quite active at the community around Free Software: It's been a while since I have joined the Geany-project. I'm also contributing to a local Makerspace Eigenbaukombinat, Freifunk and the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Right on my first days at the Flying Circus I found myself inside our little DevOps-Sprint where Stefan and I had a deeper look at fresh Mailman 3 and how to set up a reliable deployment via batou for. After many years of developing Mailman 3 was finally released earlier this year. It sepearates the core, which is sending and receiving mails, from mailing lists, and the web interface for e.g. administration of lists. This is cleaing up some issues from past, but adding a few new challenges on administrating and deploying.

To keep it short: I'm glad to be here and looking forward to get in contact with you and a lot of cool technics.