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Our Partner Day 2024 in the Lanxess Arena

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Networking, team spirit, action - this year's partner day promised to be an unforgettable experience at the Cologne Sharks. Creative minds from agencies and development studios gathered for an extraordinary ice time.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly training on the large pitch of the Lanxess Arena. Normally the ice times take place in the training centre - about a 5-minute walk from the arena - but on this day we were allowed to play on the same pitch where the professional ice hockey players from Cologne and Frankfurt showed off their skills in the evening. Under professional guidance, the participants had the opportunity to hone their ice hockey skills and apply them directly in a joint training game.

After the sport on the ice, it was time for mental exercise. The day continued with a workshop that divided the participants into two working groups. A total of four questions from the participants were discussed and debated in depth. A good mix of knowledge and skills in the groups made it possible to consider different perspectives and approaches to the respective issues, which led to a particularly enriching discussion.

After a productive workshop, it was time to round off the evening in a convivial atmosphere. The lounge reserved in the arena for the Flying Circus provided the perfect backdrop to watch the Kölner Haie game while enjoying a meal together.

The Kölner Haie made it particularly exciting that evening, as the game went into extra time after regular time and finally into a penalty shoot-out. The tension was palpable, but in the end the Cologne Sharks deservedly triumphed 3:2 against the Frankfurt Lions and thus ensured a fitting end to our partner day.

Gruppenfoto vor der Sponsorenbande des Flying Circus