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Discover the next generation of hosting

with our unique NixOS cloud platform

With Flying Circus, we offer you an innovative cloud platform that is specially designed to meet the high demands of the European market. Our hosting solution combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest security standards for modern application operation. But we offer more than just hosting: with our innovative service and support model, we create a new approach that provides you with comprehensive support and customised solutions. Find out how we combine technology and service in a unique way to make your customers' digital projects more successful.

Björn Langer

Contact me directly!

As technical project coordinator for application operation at Flying Circus, I will be happy to discuss the needs of your project and work out the best solutions for the operation of your application. I look forward to our dialogue!

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Take-off for your app: Why rely on the Flying Circus!

Hosting services optimised for digital agencies

The Flying Circus has been operating a successful partner network of agencies and digital service providers for years. We understand the challenges of a fast-paced agency environment and have developed a service model for application operations that is perfectly tailored to your application hosting needs. Our offering covers all requirements from A to Z: from automated workflows (A) and efficient communication (C) to attractive discounts (D), comprehensive support (S). You can rely on our experience and expertise to realise your projects successfully and efficiently.

Hosting in Germany on our sovereign NixOS cloud

Our cloud platform is based on NixOS, an innovative operating system that guarantees maximum reliability and security thanks to its declarative configuration and reproducibility. Our hosting platform is specifically tailored to the needs of agencies and digital architects. We offer you workflows that create optimal space for your online visions and maximise the efficiency of your hosting projects. Let your creativity and productivity fully unfold with our customised hosting solutions in an optimised application operation.

Seamless integration of development and operations

Our iterative exchange between Development and Operations (DevOps) enables you to work more efficiently and agilely. Benefit from optimised collaboration, faster release cycles and a more stable production environment. In the managed hosting of your application, we combine reliability with innovation and flexibility. Our strength lies in gaining an in-depth understanding of your application in order to provide you with the best possible support during operation and further development. We also offer flexible infrastructure options and management levels that enable you to react to changing requirement profiles at any time.

How we understand hosting for modern application operation!

Our Application Operations is a complex and multi-layered service based on several integral layers. Firstly, we utilise our own NixOS cloud platform to operate the scalable and secure hosting infrastructure. With infrastructure as code, we automate the deployment and management of the infrastructure on our cloud platform to ensure high consistency and efficiency. CI/CD pipelines and deployment (for example with Batou) enable continuous integration and deployment so that software can be delivered quickly and reliably. Managed operations are an important aspect of our service. These include the professional management and maintenance of the entire operating environment with all component roles on the platform. We carry out regular backups to ensure maximum data security. Our monitoring and reporting continuously monitors system performance and creates detailed reports to ensure transparency and proactive problem solving. Finally, we ensure the quality of our services through agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provide guaranteed availability and support. Together, these layers ensure stable and efficient operation of your applications and simply offer more than hosting.

The journey begins: Who flies best with the Flying Circus!

Our hosting solution is perfect for agencies that want to provide their end customers with a comprehensive service from a single source. You take care of the application and we are your partner for optimised application operation and technical support when needed. We offer a service model that is geared towards assuming operational responsibility and provide support for your technical contacts and even for your end customers if required. And this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if you need it for optimum operation. Our partnership-based exchange between you as an agency and our operations team ensures a seamless and effective hosting experience for your customers.

At Flying Circus, we know that developing software is only the first step. To be truly successful, you need seamless integration between development and production environments as well as optimised and monitored operating conditions. This is where our operations team comes in - we take care of tasks like server management, performance, monitoring, stack maintenance and backup so you can focus on what matters most: writing code. With us, you benefit from faster deployment times, an optimised production environment and a lower stress level. By handing over your operational tasks to our experts, you can react quickly to changing market demands and customer requirements.

As a SaaS provider that depends on a reliable digital infrastructure, you know how important it is for applications to run smoothly. At Flying Circus, we help you monitor and maintain your applications to ensure your tech stack is running optimally. Our experts monitor the performance of your systems and ensure seamless backups so that no time is lost. This allows you to focus on what matters most: growing your solution. Let's talk about how we can support you to scale your SaaS solution optimally and efficiently!

In today's digital landscape, even large organisations face challenges in managing their IT infrastructure. Competition for skilled workers and their retention is a major issue in the labour market. The Flying Circus offers a scalable and flexible operating solution that can be customised to your company's individual requirements and the application. Outsource application operations, monitoring and backup tasks to our crew of experts to free up internal resources. Improve overall IT performance and reliability with our monitoring and maintenance services.

Proof of concept - our risk-free test

Our application operation services and the quality of our technical infrastructure are often difficult for new partners to understand. That's why we offer you the opportunity to experience our services in a real project as part of a proof of concept (PoC). Without getting lost in website buzzwords such as deployment pipelines, dev stack or "even faster and even more secure", you can test our "Flying Circus" and our view of application operation in a real scenario in an open, honest and authentic way without any risk. Experience first-hand how our service, communication and support can exceed your expectations.

Fasten your seatbelts: Take off with the Flying Circus now!

Would you like to find out more about hosting on our sovereign NixOS cloud platform or the stable application operation at Flying Circus? Contact us today and take advantage of our Quick Expert Talk. We will take a dedicated look at your project and your questions. We will provide you with an initial assessment and an initial price indication. Start your next project with a hosting solution that offers you security, efficiency and innovation.

Björn Langer

Contact me directly!

As technical project coordinator for application operation at Flying Circus, I will be happy to discuss the needs of your project and work out the best solutions for the operation of your application. I look forward to our dialogue!

Contact options
Send e-mail call +49 345 219 401-11

Hosting with the Flying Circus


We do not operate standard stacks, but operating environments that are highly customised to your needs. There are also different service levels for maintenance and support. So we can't give a generalised answer to this question. The easiest way is to talk to us. We would be happy to discuss your project in a Quick Expert Talk and provide you with an immediate assessment and initial price indication. Quick and uncomplicated!

No! The Flying Circus stands for digital sovereignty and consciously relies on open-source technologies. We operate our own platform with our data centres located in Germany.

We create a customised concept for each project and once the order has been placed, the "preparation for take-off" begins. You will receive a checklist with all the important things that we need to consider, realise and monitor in a project to ensure stable application operation. Depending on the service level, our App Ops team then acts as a co-pilot and we actively support the realisation of the application operation on our platform or we act as ground control and only provide support on demand if necessary.