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Together we optimise your application operation

The Flying Circus offers companies a comprehensive solution to optimise their software development processes and improve collaboration between development (Dev) and operations (Ops). By using our Application Operations Services, you benefit from automated CD/CI pipelines, efficient operations, data protection-compliant hosting, flexible application scalability, guaranteed service level agreement and increased security, while communication and collaboration between the teams involved is strengthened.

An excerpt from our customer list:

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Customised DevOps toolchain: your optimal CI/CD pipeline

In today's business environment, speed of development and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) is critical. A key component of the Flying Circus service is the implementation of CD/CI pipelines with the tool stack required by Dev and Ops. These automated pipelines enable seamless integration of code changes, automated testing and continuous delivery of software in different environments. By automating these processes, errors are recognised and rectified at an early stage and the overall quality of the software is improved.

Björn Langer

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As technical project coordinator for application operation at Flying Circus, I will be happy to discuss the needs of your project and work out the best solutions for the operation of your application. I look forward to our dialogue!

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Operations and Hosting

The Flying Circus service also includes a comprehensive approach to operations and hosting. This includes the provision and management of infrastructure, services and servers on our NixOS platform, as well as monitoring the systems and ensuring their availability and performance. By outsourcing these tasks to us, you can focus on your core competences while benefiting from scalable and reliable hosting solutions.

You can find out more about hosting in our data centres here.

Scaling & security

With the Flying Circus, you can easily scale to meet the growing demands of your business. We offer scalable infrastructures and resources that allow you to flexibly adapt and expand your applications and services. In addition, we emphasise security by implementing security best practices, conducting regular audits and continuously identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities.

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Communication between Dev & Ops

The joint, professionally focussed exchange between your developers and us is an integral part of our way of working from the very first minute. A key benefit is the promotion of communication and collaboration between the development and operations teams. By using common tools, processes and metrics, we break down silos and promote a culture of collaboration and transparency. This leads to more effective feedback loops, faster response times to issues and ultimately improved overall efficiency of our collaboration.

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Your advantages at a glance:

Precise error analysis

Quick detection and rectification - Standardised procedures for testing and deployment detect errors right from the start, making it easier to rectify them.

Rapid deployment

Continuity creates routines - changes are regularly tested and integrated into the application. This greatly reduces development cycles.

More efficiency

Automation creates freedom - The continuous reduction of manual effort leads to more stable code quality and reduces errors.

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Several SLA levels to choose from

Whether Managed or Guided - application operation at Flying Circus offers a flexible selection of well thought-out and optimised service levels for every project size. The first 3 levels guarantee a customised response in one or three hours on weekdays, in the evening or every day of the year - around the clock. In managed projects, the response time can be reduced to 15 minutes. With this finely tuned selection, you receive an optimised and economical service to suit your business requirements.

Planning security for your budget

Our flat-rate SLA calculation levels combine further advantages. You receive precise financial predictability for your budget planning and already know today what the application operation of your project will cost you tomorrow. In this way, we create a clear and transparent basis for co-operation. Our flat-rate calculation approach benefits both sides: you benefit from cost control, financial predictability, quality and efficiency. At the same time, this approach significantly reduces the administrative workload in the areas of recording, calculation and control.