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Compatible with the future with a new network

Created by Danny Sternol | | Plattform

After careful planning, our platform crew has comprehensively modernised and expanded our network infrastructure. This project brings numerous benefits for our customers as well as for us, as it further improves the security, performance and reliability of our platform.

Increased security and efficiency thanks to new network technologies

An important part of the modernisation is the conversion of network virtualisation from VLAN to EVPN-VXLAN. In future, the finer separation of data streams will enable us to implement new, advanced security requirements in the network and we will be able to migrate existing projects successively over time as required. In addition, the use of this technology simplifies network management enormously: our platform crew can group devices and services logically, which makes it much easier to implement policies, troubleshoot and segment networks by function or project. This turns our cloud platform into a comprehensive Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The advantages of EVPN-VXLAN, such as scalability, efficient multicast support and greatly improved flexibility, further contribute to strengthening platform security and better adaptability to future business requirements.

High performance and future-proof thanks to fibre optic infrastructure

The conversion of our network infrastructure to fibre optics in our primary data centre in Oberhausen offers significant advantages: Fibre optic technology enables higher bandwidths so that data can be transferred much faster on our platform, which ensures smoother use of applications, especially with large amounts of data. Thanks to the much higher data transmission capacity compared to conventional copper cables, bandwidth bottlenecks are also reduced in the event of high simultaneous loads. In addition, fibre optic cables have lower data transmission delays, which shortens network response times. This is particularly important for real-time applications such as video conferencing, online gaming platforms and big data applications, which require fast network response times in addition to high data throughput. Finally, the switch to fibre optic technology is future-proof, as we can easily adapt it to increasing requirements. This means that we can easily integrate new technologies and higher bandwidths in the coming years without having to fundamentally renew the network.

Redundant design for uninterrupted maintenance

A key advantage of the new network infrastructure is its redundant structure. This enables us to carry out maintenance and updates without any noticeable downtime for our customers. Redundancy means that multiple paths and resources are available to keep operations running, even if part of the network is being maintained or updated. This ensures high availability and reliability of our services.