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DevOps-Sprint: Review 2015

Erstellt von Christian Zagrodnick | | Blog

Our 2015 DevOps sprint is over. It was a great time with all of you. Here is a brief summary of what has happened.

One huge topic was NixOS (again!). Rok Garbas gave a general introduction and many participants were interested in NixOS. The topics related to NixOS where:

  • pypi2nix, to create pure Nix environments directly from PyPI packages. (Rok, Christian Kauhaus)
  • Setting up Hydra and a custom NixOS channel for Flying Circus virtual machines (Christian Theune)
  • Figuring out how to use nixpkgs and custom extensions together. (Answer: we fork it and use git merging which also allows easily sending pull requests back).
  • Baking a custom NixOS base image into a Vagrant box using packer.

A variety of other topics were also investigated:

  • The crew started to integrate Sentry into their system.
  • Arnold discussed his ideas around a merge bot, to reliably merge feature branches over multiple git repositories.
  • Hynek had a look at Prometheus. I don't know what the outcome was, though - he seemed excited at points. :)
  • Stefan and Frank built a batou deployment for mailman 3. Turns out, mailman 3 is a bit different.

Hope to see everyone again, next year!