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Our NixOS cloud platform as a managed service

At Flying Circus, we operate our own ISO 27001-certified cloud platform in Germany. Based on the Linux operating system NixOS, our platform offers the ideal environment for horizontally scaling application operation. Intelligent services such as 24/7/365 monitoring of all important aspects of the platform are combined with a special infrastructure structure to guarantee security, stability and maximum flexibility for your application.

What advantages does NixOS offer for cloud environments?

NixOS is a modern Linux distribution that is ideally suited to cloud environments and the Flying Circus uses this operating system to increase the stability, efficiency and maintainability of its own cloud platform.


NixOS makes it possible to provide our cloud systems in a defined state and keep the configuration reproducible, which contributes to better maintainability and consistency.

Transparent configuration

The Nix Expression Language enables a transparent, reproducible and portable configuration of cloud systems, which contributes to better manageability and maintainability.

Atomic updates

NixOS has atomic updates and rollback functions, which gives cloud systems greater stability and reliability.

Automated tests

Every code change on our cloud platform undergoes comprehensive automated testing and offers predictable results. This allows us to react to new situations with a high degree of reliability and agility.

Make your application compatible with the future!
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Our infrastructure and cloud platform

  • Cloud setup and migration: Setup and maintenance of your own cloud systems for the operation of your application as well as migration processes of existing workloads to our cloud infrastructure.
  • Deployment setup: Creation of all necessary systems, including deployment tests and staging implementation as well as the operation of your application.
  • Horizontal scaling: Our cloud platform is optimised for the operation of complex applications and high access numbers. This allows us to react quickly to changing requirement profiles.
  • Cloud Security & Compliance: Ensuring adherence to important security, encryption and compliance standards in our cloud platform.

Horizontal scaling:
The key to flexible performance in the Flying Circus Cloud

With horizontal scaling in the cloud, you have the option of adding additional servers or instances in times of high demand in order to better distribute the work. This is similar to setting up a team to manage a project together. Horizontal scaling ensures that your website or application offers high performance and uninterrupted accessibility even with high user numbers and load profiles.

Managed services included!

  • Infrastructure management: Control of system performance and capacity in the infrastructure area.
  • Application operation: Maintenance and continuous upkeep of applications in operation.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Continuous observation and monitoring of applications and infrastructure.
  • Software maintenance: Detection and correction of software errors and optimisation of application performance.
  • Direct-to-tech support: Depending on the agreed service level, you receive 24/7 access to an application operations expert.