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In our increasingly digitalized world, the combination of sustainability, IT security, data protection and a fair, collaborative exchange of information are becoming key factors. The selection of certified IT service providers who combine all aspects and, like the Flying Circus, really live these points of view in their day-to-day work is our highest aspiration. An advanced understanding of security and sustainability is not a compromise, but a shared social responsibility to which the Flying Circus also contributes with the right choice of ISO-certified service providers for its own products and services.

Primary datacenter in Oberhausen NRW

For the operation of our own Linux-based NixOS cloud platform, we rely on the data center operator KAMP in Oberhausen (NRW). KAMP specializes in infrastructure services and offers colocation services that are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. This means that we have ISO-certified IT security throughout, from infrastructure to platform operation.

Our own room into the datacenter

The Flying Circus operates its cloud platform in a separate room within the data center. By renting a so-called private suite in the KAMP data center, we have a private and secure room within the data center at our disposal. This server room offers us the benefits of our own high-availability data center without having to worry about the complex administration of the infrastructure. All important and maintenance-intensive components for air conditioning and power supply are installed outside our private suite, so that even the operator of the data center rarely needs access to our private suite.

Optimal and secure infrastructure

This solution enables us to benefit from tailored air conditioning, multi-level biometric access control, reliable power supply with online UPS systems and emergency power systems, effective fire protection measures and continuous monitoring without being directly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the data center infrastructure. A key advantage of this solution is that we always retain comprehensive cost control, as all operating and maintenance costs are transparently included in our rental agreement. And our customers also benefit from this in the end. The service provider also offers competent hands-on services and excellent support. This enables us to react flexibly and quickly to changing requirements.

Our security benefits in Oberhausen at a glance

  • Access protection through multi-level security system
  • Biometric access control system with non-contact and contact-based fingerprint scanners
  • 24-hour camera surveillance inside and outside
  • Motion detector
  • Gate and barrier system for site access
  • Extremely secure room-in-room design
  • State-of-the-art extinguishing gas system
  • Early fire detection with modern RAS system
  • 99.99% availability of power, air conditioning and IP uplink

From development laboratory to advanced backup site

At our Halle site, we have an additional in-house data center that was originally used for development and testing purposes due to historical developments. We have been operating a laboratory data center here for many years, in which we have completely replicated the structures of our productive environments from Oberhausen several times in Halle. In view of increasing security requirements and our commitment to data protection and IT security, we decided to expand this secondary data center in 2022. The choice fell on Prior1's TÜV-certified IT Safe solution, which is best suited to the structural conditions in Halle. This expansion allows us to provide additional services beyond development and testing, such as geo-redundancy and backup options for our customers, without compromising our high security standards.