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operated by us!

A modern application operation is a complex structure: CI/CD pipelines, version control systems, build servers, monitoring & telemetry, deployment tools - with or without container technologies such as Docker and orchestration tools - demand increasing attention from developers and slow down the further development of your application.

Flying Circus takes care of the reliable operation of your application: with an automated deployment process, we optimise your application environment on our fully managed platform and infrastructure to meet your technical requirements. We guarantee this with our comprehensive SLAs.

You know what you want. 
We'll work out what you need together. 
Let's talk about it!

When operating your application, we combine reliability with innovation and flexibility. Our strength: we build up an in-depth understanding of your application and continuously assess the operating situation. Flexible infrastructure options and sensible management levels are available to match.

The joint, professionally focussed exchange between your developers and us is an integral part of our working method from the very first minute in order to determine the specific requirements for the operation and resources of your application. At the same time, we continuously adapt our service to changing conditions. Your benefit: Through regular retrospectives, we continuously support you and your software development with important findings from ongoing operations and thus actively help you to further develop your application.

Björn Langer

Contact me directly!

As technical project coordinator for application operation at Flying Circus, I will be happy to discuss the needs of your project and work out the best solutions for the operation of your application. I look forward to our dialogue!

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Send e-mail call +49 345 219 401-11

Co-pilot or air traffic controller?

You always remain the pilot of your project. And you determine the course at all times. You decide to what extent the Flying Circus will support you:

Managed Application Operations

With our Managed Application Operations, you hand over responsibility for application operations to Flying Circus as your co-pilot and, once your customised CI/CD pipeline has been set up on our platform, you benefit from a managed, automated deployment process.

We engage in constructive dialogue with the developers of your application and coordinate the changes on our staging/development environment in continuous consultation with you. This means that live operation is not affected by changes or further developments. Deployments to the production environment are fully automated or take place after your approval, depending on your requirements. We monitor all the important core functions of your application and react proactively to prevent faults at an early stage, but of course also directly and independently in the event of a problem.

Guided Application Operations

With our Guided Application Operations, we provide you with our ISO 27001-certified platform and infrastructure for the independent operation of your application. We rely exclusively on open source components in our platform infrastructure, such as Qemu for virtualisation or Ceph for our storage cluster. Our platform is also open source with Linux or NixOS and can therefore be freely assessed by your technicians. Our team is available to answer individual questions about the use of the platform and infrastructure in relation to your application. We work with you to create a strategy for migrating to our environment and help you to implement it independently. In emergencies, we also intervene directly to find a quick solution.

The air traffic control for your application

We continuously monitor the airspace on our platform and offer several SLA levels for your application and stringent planning security for the project budget!

Several SLA levels to choose from

Whether Managed or Guided - application operation at Flying Circus offers a flexible selection of well thought-out and optimised service levels for every project size. The first 3 levels guarantee a customised response in one or three hours on weekdays, in the evening or every day of the year - around the clock. In managed projects, the response time can be reduced to 15 minutes. With this finely tuned selection, you receive an optimised and economical service to suit your business requirements.

Planning security for your budget

Our flat-rate SLA calculation levels combine further advantages. You receive precise financial predictability for your budget planning and already know today what the application operation of your project will cost you tomorrow. In this way, we create a clear and transparent basis for co-operation. Our flat-rate calculation approach benefits both sides: you benefit from cost control, financial predictability, quality and efficiency. At the same time, this approach significantly reduces the administrative workload in the areas of recording, calculation and control.