Let your web app fly!

The Flying Circus is a secure, reliable, and transparent hosting platform for development teams.

When throwing software over the fence — get rid of the fence!

You develop awesome projects but putting them into production and maintaining them is hard. To help developers stay focused the operations aspect was separated, creating a fence that hinders communication and progress. We consider this to be wrong and we are going to change that.

We think the false assumption is hidden in any approach that considers "development happens first" and "then operations take over" and "then everything is done". This leads to many dead ends like "never touch running system" that slow down innovation and provide a false sense of security.

Instead of working in a separated environment we consider a co-operative model: the Flying Circus considers all the nitty gritty details of maintaining and developing a platform that you can rely on. We consider our work done when your application runs on it without needing your attention all the time. You can focus on developing and shipping updates without having to invest into hardware, operating system maintenance, monitoring and more.


  • Worry-free — we take care of data centers, hardware, operating system updates, monitoring, backup, and much much more.
  • Real peopleā„¢ supporting your team — no hotline zombies!
  • Affordable, simple pricing scheme that lets you easily predict what we will charge you.
  • No risk — our hosting fees are on a monthy-by-month basis. And you can try us for free!
  • No lies — we know there will be downtime and promising 100% uptime is just crazy or full of fine-print. But 99.99% is what we achieve in many cases every month.
  • SLAs for 24/7 that cover in-depth support for your application.