General assumptions

Maintaining the security of IT systems is an ongoing effort. We strive to improve our understanding and measures for security continuously. For this we rely on new insights generated in the IT security community from various sources.


We currently do not employ a static formal process for developing security, however our assessments and measures are based on formal processes like ISO/IEC 27001, the German data security law, German IT Grundschutz, and others.


Requirements that we intend to follow may be added to our documentation even if they have not been implemented yet. Those requirements are marked accordingly.

Low-security locations

The Flying Circus operates two low-security zones called development (used for the development of the Flying Circus infrastructure) and WHQ (used to operate the Flying Circus offices and as a staging installation for Flying Circus updates within a production context).

Those locations are currently not allowed to be used for customer data storage as they not sufficiently protected to conform to the German federal data protection laws.

Due to this limitation high-security locations are not allowed to depend on services provided in low-security locations.