Release 2017_028 (2017-11-23)


  • [Gentoo] Most services need to be restarted due to the glibc update.
  • [Gentoo] Python applications should be restarted to pick up updated Python versions.

NixOS platform

  • Security update for Python 2.7: 2.7.11 -> 2.7.14 (#28607).
  • Provide docsplit 0.7.6 package.
  • Gather rabbitmq metrics via telegraf (#28950).
  • Limit fc-userscan’s memory consumption to avoid out-of-memory conditions (#28934).

Gentoo platform

  • Security update for glibc: 2.23-r4 (#27546).
  • Security update for PHP: 5.6.28 (#25095).
  • Security update for NodeJS: 0.12.17 (#25467).
  • Security update for http-parser (#25467).
  • Security update for Python: 2.7.14 and 3.5.4.
  • Patch Ceph to work around the snaptrim bug (#29034).
  • Provide Ceph RadosGW role (#28302).

Release notes

We’ve seen some old virtualenvs breaking after the Python update. If an Python application does not start anymore with an error message like:

NameError: name 'PROTOCOL_TLS' is not defined

try recreating the virtualenv or contact our support.

Some applications might be affected by the glibc update on Gentoo. This may lead to strange encoding/locale/collation errors. Usually it is sufficient to restart the affected service.