Release 2017_003 (2017-02-06)


  • [NixOS] PHP applications will need to be restarted.

NixOS platform

  • Update vulnix to version 1.2.2 with improved reporting.
  • Add mongodb-tools to mongodb servers (#25713).
  • Update PHP to recent versions with improved MySQL drivers: 5.5.35, 5.6.21, 7.0.15 (#25713).
  • Add Kibana service. Needs local configuration (#25713).
  • memcached listens now on all configured SRV addresses (#25641).
  • Allow to customize ElasticSearch via /etc/local/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml (#25713).

Gentoo platform

  • GLSA reporting now marks advisories that are already worked on as such.
  • Fix bug which causes sshd to crash during system updates (#25566).
  • Disable transparent huge pages (THP) on VM hosts as we suspect that it is the source of recent kernel crashes (#25515).